Tachometer Generator

P/N 15DA03B TYP 1277
Magnetic drag type, three-phase synchronous motor, triple
Pointer deflection: 330 degrees
Accuracy: ±0.7% f.s.
Friction and position error: 0.7% f.s.
Lighting: white per MIL-L-27160, 5VDC-2.5W
Size: 3″ round per MS33639 with flange MS28055, L= 120 mm.
Case: metal, hermetically sealed
Connector: MS3113H-10-6P, MS3113H-8-33P, MS3113H-8-33PW
Weight: <1.2Kg
Input signal: tachogenerator per MIL-G-26611

Installed on   AGUSTA AB412


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