The founder of Farem, Ing. Giuseppe Regine, was an Italian Aeronautics pioneer.
He graduated in 1932 from the University Federico II of Naples, in the new field of Aeronautics Engineering led by Prof. Umberto Nobile (the designer of the famous airship that first reached the North Pole). He then enlisted in the Italian Air Force becoming a specialist pilot at the experimental center of Guidonia (DSSE Upper management studies and aeronautical experiences) a center of excellence worldwide in aircraft testing.

It was during those years that he was able to observe how important optimum engine performance is in flight. The efficiency of the engine and the lower fuel consumption could be monitored by examining the exhaust gas. He then designed and developed a device to analyze flight exhaust gas data. He was awarded a commendation by the Air Force for his work and the new device was soon adopted and mounted on military airplanes.

The success of this invention exposed him to the world of industrial engineering and manufacturing. He was soon hired as an industrial designer by the then main Italian manufacturer of radio and television stations, Allocchio Bacchini.

After having gained this additional experience, Ing. Regine decided to start his own company and founded Farem in 1948.

Ing. Regine

In its early years FAREM concentrated only on military equipment repair participating in Italy’s post war reconstruction.

With the launch of new military programs, Farem became specialized in the design and construction of the fuel measurement systems, and engine parameters tools.
FAREM’s first international success was winning a bid to design and manufacture two instruments to be installed on the MRCA Tornado.

Since then FAREM has stood out for its ability to design, produce and certify fully tailor made instruments according to specific customer requirements.

The family’s new generations honor Ing. Regine’s pioneering spirit by they’re dedication to excellence and continued research and development into new kinds of products such as dedicated video management systems.