VCU P/N 19XG32A2030

The VCU P/N 19XG32A2030 receives four video inputs which can be sent to two video outputs. Video selection has two separate commands enabling the user to select any combination of video output simultaneously and independent of each other. Built in buffers, multiplexers and amplifiers ensure clear noise free signal distribution.
Client must specify if they want the unit to distribute composite or digital signals.


  • four video inputs with two video outputs
  • low signal noise
  • low weight
  • low power consumption
  • wide operating temperature
  • Suitable for integration with Airborne Mission Systems
  • Rugged design
  • Can be customized upon request

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions – Length 217mm Width 120mm Height 43 mm
  • Power +28 VDC
  • Weight – Max 0.7 kg